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About Klartraum

We are two friends whose passion is electronic live music and production. Starting in Berlin in 2006 we’ve produced tons of records, toured the globe and surprised ourselves countless times finding unexpected awesomeness in our live performances and musical flow.

We are also owning and managing our own record labels Lucidflow and Sofa Sessions among others and happen to be spiritual companions.

That’s quite a strong connection and impact we bring to the stage and to your sound system.

Helmut Ebritsch

Shortly after opening my eyes for the first time in this reality I found myself programming music pieces on a C64 and later releasing electronic music on the early Since then technology has changed, I have changed but something remained: My ears are like microscopes, music is my mother tongue and during my sleep I travel to other dimensions. Some of these dimensions can also be heard in my solo work.

Nadja Lind

My particularly sharp senses make me experience music more deeply than most people can imagine. So I literally feel with every fibre in my body that existence is sound and sound is existence. I’ve explored this realm for many years touring as a DJ around the globe and as a producer and sound designer. Whenever I want to feel ecstasy, heal or transform myself I create the sounds that take me exactly where I need to go. Such sounds from my Frequency Pharmacy can be found on

How you can support us

  • Buy Klartraum music only on bandcamp

    The biggest support you can give us is to buy our music on We really get some money when you buy it there while the artists only get a fraction of a cent when you stream their music on spotify, apple etc...

  • Book us to your fascinating event

    We love to perform unique live concerts at venues and private spaces filled with lovely people who like to go onto a Klartraum journey.

  • Follow, share and comment on social media

    Show us your love in the networks! It's never too late for your friends to finally discover Klartraum and elevate their frequency. 😉

  • Donate something

    If you feel like sending us some abundance in the form of money or cryptos you can do so here:

Book us live!

Klartraum live in Australia

Playing live is an interaction between souls, a ritual, a spiritual celebration of the ecstasy to be alive, to feel, to love and to exist.

Klartraum played all over the globe on massive festivals, in finest clubs and on exclusive private events. We truly love to play live for an audience, our music is meant to be created live.

We especially enjoy distinct places with magical humans and an open hearted atmosphere where our live performance-flow will always excite the most.

Let's collaborate

Besides remixing and being remixed (when we find the time for it!) we are especially interested in working with other artists on stage and in the studio. We currently have ideas about working live with orchestras, Jazz musicians and fellow Ableton performers who are brave enough to sync themselves to our setup with a third machine.

We also love to create live sound journeys with video artist and visual performers and to work with installation artist to create state altering physical spaces.

Klartraum sounds for your production

We are happy to license our music out to projects for you to create wonderful things with it! And if you feel we are your best choice to create a unique master piece soundtrack for your movie oder video content, just send us a note and we are happy to talk about it!

The world around klartraum

The ever evolving Klartraum project is right at the heart of our artistic work which is so much bigger in it’s entirety:

Up to now we have released over 100 artist on our own record label Lucidflow.

Nadja produced lots of solo EPs, Albums and singles and has been touring around the world as a DJ for over 18 years. Today she still produces solo material and also highly psychotropic binaural music for meditation, super learning, healing and much more.

Helmut, who started early with is musical output, has created loads of solo work, too. Additionally you’ve maybe heard of the groundbreaking music that he created with Hatikvah or his work as a mastering engineer for acts like AKA AKA.

Explore the Klartraum catalog

Flow into the vast collection of Klartraum sounds. Where do you want to go today?

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